Do you want to truly help people live their best life?

Emotionally, physically, financially and more without having to just choose one narrow specialty?

The world needs wellness – and you can help without going to Uni!

Do you want to help yourself and countless others to be well, healthy and happy… without spending 4-7 years at University or having to choose between personal training, life coaching, natural medicine or any of the other specialist fields?

You may already be helping by showing people the benefits of good exercise, or better nutrition, or mindfulness and meditation … but each of those are only a part of the big picture that makes up the whole mind and body connection.  

In just 12 months time you could have your Diploma of Health and Wellness and be qualified to teach others ALL of that and more! 

Is the 52868WA Diploma in Health and Wellness right for you?

Yes – If you are eager to learn and grow yourself as well as help others improve their lifestyle to prevent illness and pursue health and happiness.  

Yes – If you dream of becoming a holistic source of health advice, coaching and creating happiness and wellness for everyone you touch.  

Yes – If you can check off these boxes, there’s a good chance that you have met your perfect match.

  • Emotionally intuitive
  • Passionate and dedicated
  • Practical and Action-oriented
  • A good listener and a good communicator
  • Persistent and organised

Do you need to have a background in medicine or allied health?  No…

You don’t need a background in medicine, but you do need to have a passion for helping people holistically.  You may already be involved in some form of wellbeing practice such as a personal trainer, life coach, or yoga, beauty therapy, naturopathy, massage etc, and want to expand your skills and widen your experience.  Or you may be new to the field and looking for the right tools.

Where will this take you?

You could be opening your own consultancy once you graduate – and you’ll learn about business planning and marketing within the course units too so you’ll be well prepared to start consulting immediately.

Or you might choose to work in an organisation coaching, co-ordinating or managing staff or students in Health and Wellness practices. Already, there are many organisations, from colleges to mining companies, across the country who see the benefits of having a dedicated wellness consultant on their team – and they pay well!  Having healthy and happy employees saves them time and stress and improves the performance of any organisation.

Entry Requirements: 

The only requirement is that you must have a Year 12 certificate or equivalent or satisfactory completion of a Certificate IV or equivalence to Australian qualification framework  in any field. Mature age students without these qualifications but with life experience may also apply for the course provided you meet literacy, language, and numeracy skill requirements.

Eager to get started?

That’s great because the Diploma of Health and Wellness course can be completed in just 12 months, or you can choose to complete it part time for up to two years.

Most of your study will be conveniently online through a virtual mode, and there will also be some work experience  practical consulting hours to help you put everything you learn into practice. 

The timetable will be released before each term starts so that you can schedule your study plans, and the other great thing is that you can pay as you learn.

Why study with AIHFE ? So many reasons but here’s just a few…

  • The course has been developed by us, supported by the industry, and nationally recognised though the Australian Qualification Framework and approved by the relevant regulatory body in Australia.
  • The course has a real time virtual teaching learning component so that you can interact with your teachers, fellow students and ask any questions in real time without leaving your home or office
  • We have highly qualified and experienced lecturers, and they love what they do!
  • All the lectures and tutorials are recorded so that you can access anytime you like and from any location
  • You can study full time or part time
  • AIHFE and its predecessor (AIHM) have been operating for nearly 30 years
  • We offer interest FREE easy payment plans
  • Study loans are available for eligible students
  • We have won multiple awards as a training organisation
  • We have made the course affordable to make this life changing investment.


  • Analyse and respond to client health information – HLTAAP003 – Prerequisites: Nil
  • Determine diet and nutritional status of Clients – DHWNUT501 – Prerequisites: Nil


  • Establish and manage client relationship – CHCCOM006 – Prerequisites: Nil
  • Provide nutritional and dietary advice for health and wellness – DHWNUT502 – Prerequisites: DHWNUT 501
  • Research and apply evidence to practice – CHCPOL003 – Prerequisites: Nil


  • Promote health and wellness to individuals and groups – DHWHWP503 – Prerequisites: HLTAAP 003, DHWNUT 502
  • Provide health and wellness coaching and mentoring – DHWCOA504 – Prerequisites: Nil
  • Apply yoga for health and wellness – DHWYOG505 – Prerequisites: Nil


  • Provide Taichi exercises for health and wellness – DHWTAI406 – Prerequisites: Nil
  • Manage personal and professional development – BSBPEF501 – Prerequisites: Nil